Frequently Asked Questions
Who can write for the Arsenal Review?
Anyone can! The site was created to empower all Gooners to write about what they love!
I want to write, but I’m confused, what do I have to do?
Go to and click on the icon in the top right hand corner. It will prompt you to register, then you will be prompted to write an upcoming match preview, a review of the latest match or an Arsenal related Article. Write and hit publish!
My article has over 1k views, how do I claim my reward?
Send us an email at and let us know, we will reply and transfer £25 to you via PayPal.
How can I showcase my image edits on your website?
We encourage anyone who creates Arsenal edits to email us theirs in a landscape 16:9 size, and we’ll upload it so people can showcase it when writing articles on our site.
How do I get on the Hall of Fame?
Every month we choose the Article with the highest engagement to feature on our Hall of Fame, we do the same for every match review & preview!
Why allow comments to be turned off? Isn’t the point of a fan-based website to allow debate?
We allow an Author turn off comments so they can write a piece, publish it, and grow in confidence that people liked it enough to up vote or share it. Publishing a piece can be pretty nerve-wracking, so we want authors to be able to grow into the role. If someone really feels strongly about the piece and wants to disagree, they can always write an article or review disagreeing! We hope as new authors grow in confidence they will let anyone comment.
Why can’t I down vote an article or a comment?
A lot of blogs and sites use down voting, and it does act as a way of policing offensive or negative views. But, we feel there is a tradeoff, that the more someone writes, likely the better they will get - so seeing their first piece get a lot of down votes may discourage them and they may never write another piece. Also, for offensive comments or views we prefer to let users flag the piece or comment, which we will then remove or block the author permanently.
I flagged a comment as offensive, but it is still there and the author is still writing offensive material?
Once a comment or article has been flagged by more than one person, we will automatically block it. We will then review it asap, and with reinstate, delete, or block the user who wrote it. Send us an email if you see an urgent issue.