Some rumours persist.

Given enough oxygen, they continue to burn and spread. The more clicks and reads it gets, the bigger the flame.

Right now, the fire surrounding Wilfried Zaha and a prospective move to Arsenal are akin to an out of control bonfire.

The winger enjoyed a sterling last season, performing the talismanic hero role for Crystal Palace. It led to inevitable links to a departure, and Zaha’s want for a move to a bigger club only added petrol to the flames.

The media and proclaimed ‘experts’ then applied simple maths.

Arsenal need a wide man.

Crystal Palace have an excellent winger. One who wants to leave.

That about covers the story. There were no grounds for the rumour, other than he may be a player that could interest us. Zaha is such a talent that he would impress most clubs, but Zaha was asked about the club he supported as a boy recently – and this sent the bonfire into orbit.

When asked about his childhood allegiances, Zaha proclaimed to support Arsenal – and then admitted he still does…

When a player admits that they support a club, especially in the midst of a transfer rumour, the cynics amongst us can smell the work of an agent hungry for a fee. This may well have been engineered by Zaha’s agent, or it could simply be a case of a player issuing a ‘come and get me’ plea to a club who may not have had him on their list – given that his transfer fee is probably going to be gargantuan.

The competition to sign Zaha will be fierce, and when we can get a player like Hakim Ziyech of Ajax or Ryan Fraser of Bournemouth – both with excellent assist records last season – for far cheaper fees?

Then the potential acquisition of Zaha looks unlikely.

Still, it’s yet another player who claims to be a Gunner. Ziyech was quoted as stating that Arsenal would be the only club he’d consider, other than Barca, for a potential transfer, and then admitted that Ozil is his idol.

Many Gunners in our midst, perhaps it’s time we use that to our advantage. Free membership?