Things happen quickly in football sometimes.

We are so used to transfers being drawn out into protracted saga’s that when a players situation does change rapidly, we often don’t notice it, such is the alien nature of it.

Just a week ago, Granit Xhaka was destined for a return to the Bundesliga, a lucrative offer from Hertha Berlin a product of a player who had instructed his agent to find him an exit.

Xhaka wasn’t happy, the symptom of a system that didn’t suit him, declining performances and the nadir was when he was booed off the pitch.

From there, Hertha Berlin was the club that acted to swoop and put in an offer that it looked for all intents and purposes, Xhaka would take.

Then, Mikel Arteta took charge and swiftly transformed the role that Xhaka played. Gone was the stifling rules, in came the instructions that allowed the Swiss midfielder to use his nous to provide the ideal layer of distribution and shielding.

Our last two games have seen Xhaka intercept and pass out effectively, his displays far removed from what we had seen this season.

Much like the rest of the squad then.

And now?

We have a player that looks increasingly likely to in fact snub the offer from Hertha Berlin and stay with Arsenal. Arteta’s estimation of the player, the trust invested in him, has turned around the situation and from here, we seem to have a player ready to play on instead of looking elsewhere.

Arteta has continued to speak glowingly about Xhaka, even when commenting on his supposed impending departure. The Spaniard also commented on how confident he is that Xhaka will stay with Arsenal.

A swift change, and now we have a midfielder we need with a Head Coach who has big plans with him very much included.

Football changes fast.