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Xhaka Linked With Inter Milan Move

There has been a lot of retrospective scrutiny of our players performances from the past season that has just passed.One of the players receiving the most heat has been Granit Xhaka.The Swiss midfielder hasn’t helped his cause after leaving the door open for a potential move away from the club, inferring that he will always seek to improve himself, even with a move away from Arsenal.Has Xhaka done enough in his time to warrant our desire for him to stay? Could we instantly improve on him if he does leave?A lot depends on a potential transfer fee. A recent story surrounding Xhaka is of a reported transfer to Serie A giants Inter Milan. The Italian side are in new ownership, with owners willing to plunge a lot of money into their coffers in order to restore the side back to the top of the summit after a period in the doldrums.With Inter already having installed Antonio Conte as manager, the next step is recruitment, which means they will be on the lookout for players to strengthen their side, and reports suggest that Xhaka is part of their shopping list.A fee of around £55m is being purported from certain media outlets, and a lot of fans are convinced that is enough for us to part with him. His performances over the season have been full of peaks and troughs. For every 60 yard ball or free kick rocket against Crystal Palace, we have seen him make errors and leave our midfield lopsided. It is safe to say he has not convinced the entirety of our fanbase, although we can all see that Xhaka has what it takes.However, £55m is a lot of money, enough to allow Emery to recruit players that fit his bill rather than working with what he was left, like he did last campaign.We will have to wait to see if this move is pulled off, but you can safely bet that this story won’t be the last surrounding Arsenal players looking at pastures new after a disappointing season.