W is for Why?
Why didn’t Arsene retire in glory after the recent record breaking FA cup win? Why sign a 2 year contract extension unless you would throw everything at winning the premiership in those two years? Why sign a top striker for a club record transfer fee and leave him on the bench at Liverpool away - arguably a must win game? Why start Danny Welbeck in place of that top striker? Why not Giroud or why not Alexis up top? Why start the Ox when its now apparent he would not re-sign at £180k per week, thus making it probable he would have to be sold or ask to be sold? Why not sit down with our midfield duo of Ramsey & Xhaka and explain the knife threw butter solidity of our midfield at times against Stoke and how they had to work together at Anfield to protect our back 3? Why drop Holding for Stoke, then drop Mustafi for Liverpool? Why play Bellerin on the left and leave the impressive Kolasinac? Why oh why…

T is for Transfers.
“I’d stick them all up on the transfer list.” So said Gary Neville, respected pundit, failed manager, and formally disliked ManU player. He was speaking in the direct aftermath of the Arsenal capitulation, and against a backdrop of multiple players who have one year to run on their contracts. I personally attribute a lot of last season’s poor mid season run to the attention that came on the failure of Ozil & Sanchez to sign contract extensions. It’s my belief that failure to extend a contract is tantamount to wanting to move away. Having so many key players in this situation surely effects the entire team’s spirit and togetherness. The obvious example is playing the Ox when now with him linked to Chelsea or God forbid Liverpool, playing? Perhaps its easy to say in hindsight, but should he have been on the bench let alone starting team? Then again why sign a club record striker and start him on the bench?? The current torrent of transfer rumours in the final days of this window are amazing and its hard to know what is fact and fiction, but after this game, I feel we bring much of this chaos on ourselves by not dealing early and firmly with recalcitrant players.

F is for Fore!
Not four, as in 4 - 0, or four as in 4th place - which is what we are suddenly aiming for this season. Fore as in DANGER, as in its still August but we seem to have shanked this season into the long grass already. As an optimist (and an Arsenal fan) its fair to say I still hope the last 2 games and current malaise circling the club with transfer rumours will pass, and we will scale the heights. It’s only months ago I assumed we had little chance of beating Chelsea to pick up the FA cup for a record time… but I am very worried. Not knowing so early the correct team formation, the optimal starting 11, not having a settled squad, not having a fanbase behind the manager are all dangerous signs. The home game against Bournemouth will hopefully be my first game to see the team this season, ever the optimist I’m hoping I’ll continue to spend my Saturday’s watching the team this season and not give up and take to hacking a golf ball around on Saturday afternoons.