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William Saliba - Defender Linked With Arsenal

There’s been plenty to mull over since the last domestic ball was kicked last weekend. Arsenal have been linked with approximately 8390 players in little over a week by various media outlets and social media accounts who all proclaim to have insider information and sources with club backroom knowledge.Some rumours have a little more truth than others though, and there has been a sharp rise in two names mentioned in conjunction with Arsenal.Hakim Ziyech is the first name, and ever since he recorded a video proclaiming that Arsenal is a target of his and how Mesut Ozil is his idol, every man and his dog has linked him with a move to the Gunners.There is no real fabric to this story, merely exacerbating a video to enhance the mentions on social media.There is another name mentioned that revealed itself around the same time that didn’t get as much of the headlines that may carry a little more weight, especially given certain factors.William Saliba of St Etienne is reportedly available for around the 15m Euro mark, and would certainly fit the bill in terms of our limited budget. His club, St Etienne, are apparently keen on a sale as they need to balance the books, according to L’Equipe, and that makes any sale a darn sight easier to negotiate.So what do we know of the player, aside from the 2 minute highlight reel on Youtube doing the rounds?Saliba is just 18 years old and is already physically ready for the rigours of Premier League football. Well over 6ft, the centre back has represented France at U19 level, but in terms of experience, he is still a little green.Saliba has made only fifteen top flight appearances, but that hasn’t stopped the rave reviews coming from France, earning comparisons with compatriot Raphael Varane. His name really came to the fore when Jose Mourinho sang his praises, claiming that Saliba has everything needed to be a top player.Of course, it’s far too early to stipulate on Saliba’s prospects, but the player looks a top prospect and could be secured for a modest fee. Worth the risk? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!