It is currently the second of July and Arsenal have signed Gabriel Martinelli. An exciting prospect from Brazil, however, far from the finished article. This signing is not even in the area in which Arsenal need strengthening with Nketiah and Saka also in the ranks. With a reported $57 million budget, it's critical that that money is spent wisely. Although I don't necessarily disagree with the signing, there is much more pressing areas of strengthening we need to pursue.

In this article, I will state 3 reasons as to why we should sell Lacazette this summer.

1. Reported Interest - Yeah, yeah, I know we shouldn't be selling our best players/assets, but according to recent reports, Lacazette's agent is in London to talk to Arsenal about reported interest in Spain. The main speculation seems to revolve around Atletico Madrid, and previously, Barcelona.

Much has been said about Atletico's pursuit, such as that Lacazette is supposed to be the Griezmann replacement. As for Barcelona, Lacazette is viewed as an alternative if Barcelona do not buy Griezmann. Because of the imminent departure of Griezmann for a sum of $142 million, this boosts the chances of Arsenal gaining a substantial profit on the $58 million they paid in 2017. Despite Atletico's bid for Joao Felix for that same amount, I am still sure they would want Lacazette amidst the Morata conundrum they are struggling with Chelsea about.

2. The Rebuild - Now, I predicting Arsenal would/should get around $90-100 million for him. Now, that money right there could plug several gaps in our starting XI right now; LB, CBs, CM (Ramsey replacement), and a winger. 30 for Tierney, 30 for Ziyech, 30 for Saliba, 30 for Andersen and 30 for Carrasco, this adds up to a total of $150 million which is attainable given our initial 57 million budget. I'm sure there are more out there that deserve a mention but these are the very likely candidates.

3. We Can Replace Him (Seriously) - Now, I know how important Lacazette was last season (he won the Arsenal player of the year). He bagged the most assists las season and grabbed important goals in big games. However, with the likes of Nketiah and other youths coming up from the academy, we won't be at a total loss... in a couple years. I'm sure this may force Arsenal to buy a second striker but we could work with what we have. If we use the money we recoup from the sale of Lacazette on good wingers and players that fit Unai's system, Aubameyang will certainly not be moved out on the left and will flourish more than he did last season up front.

Conclusion - I know there might be a lot of you thinking that selling Aubameyang would be a better option out of the two and that wouldn't be totally wrong. He's older, and can still command a great fee. However, out of the two, Aubameyang is the one who suits Unai's 4-2-3-1 system the most. And if I were to speculate, I think Aubameyang would mind spending his prime year(s) at Arsenal rather than a younger, hungrier Lacazette who I am sure is craving Champions league football. Not that Auba isn't. In any case, I think keeping both would be a bit of a problem next season. If Unai really wants to imprint his high pressing 4-2-3-1 system next season, that could prove to be a stumbling block. I am so frustrated with Unai pulling Lacazette off at the 50th-60th minute anyway. Going to a club who constantly challenge domestically and in Europe would no doubt turn Lacazette's head. After all, I think Lacazette deserves it anyway. Much like what happened with Liverpool when they sold Coutinho, this could prove to be a turning point in Arsenal's history. What infuriates me the most about my proposition, is that Arsenal wouldn't be in this situation if they sold Alexis and Ramsey two years before they left and gotten around the 100 million mark for them anyway. The mess we are in just proves just how dysfunctional and incompetent the Arsenal board has been in the past decade. So many assets lost for nothing or next to nothing have shrunk this club from the prestigious status it used to carry several years ago.