According to accurate valuations that took place recently, Alexandre Lacazette is the second most valuable player asset we have.

Only Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is worth more than the Frenchman in terms of potential transfer value. What was most surprising is that this valuation was held during this season – where we have had a pale imitation of the Lacazette we know exists.

We were starting to see Laca come through the barren spell he was enduring, but that was before the Covid-19 pandemic – which has restarted all clocks back to zero. No form to speak of, no previous – this means a flat start for all.

Perhaps a blank slate is exactly what is needed for the Frenchman. An opportunity to reclaim what made him one of the most effective strikers in Europe. His hold up play, his awareness of others, his spatial nous and his finishing – these are the skills that make him undroppable on his day. Ally that with his physicality and his aerial ability and you have a complete striker.

Laca suffers in comparison to his on-field comrade and best pal, Auba. Our number 14 is prolific, his goal ratio simply doesn’t drop and even in our darkest days, he continually delivers the goods. Most fans know that Laca brings more to the party in terms of overall play but ask the same fans who they would prefer to play if we need a goal?

No contest.

Where does this leave Lacazette? Much hinges on the end of the season – whenever this occurs.

If our number 9 hits the ground running, the optimism running through the camp could be enough to keep him. Much will also hinge on the immediate future of his strike partner Aubameyang – a much-vaunted target for the big clubs in Spain if rumours are to be believed.

Lacazette could go on and forge a real legacy. He has what it takes to make a mark at Arsenal, but his future could quite easily lie elsewhere – he won’t have any shortage of takers.

The wait for football continues, and so do the answers to many questions at Arsenal – but where Laca will be next season is one of the biggest.