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What’s The Best Podcast to Get Your Arsenal Fix?

As an Arsenal supporter, news can move at a mile a minute. There can't be many clubs in the world that have the sheer amount of things to keep up on - it has been a rare event this season where there has only been 1 game per week. People have busy lives, and it can be hard to keep on top of it all sometimes. Luckily, podcasts have been offering a great way to digest information for a while now - especially, one could argue, in relation to sports news - in a quick and enjoyable way. Over this article, we're going to look at the best football podcasts - both podcasts that regularly cover Arsenal football club, and ones specifically dedicated to the club and its (many) trials and tribulations - all of which are available on your preferred podcast app,Guardian Football WeeklyGuardian Football Weekly has long been the king of football podcasting. The newspaper-backed release has been on-the-go since 2006 when podcasting was in its infancy and has been going from strength-to-strength ever since.The recent Football Supporters Federation Award for Best Podcast winner combines top-notch football reporting from Guardian journalists with light-hearted conversation, and it just works. The podcast recently underwent perhaps it's biggest change in 12 years when it's intrepid host since its inception James Richardson - formerly of Football Italia on Channel 4, which 90's football fans will recall fondly - left to join new podcast The Totally Football show. Thankfully for the podcast and it's listeners, occasional host Max Rushden took the reins and has worked out brilliantly, managing to maintain the podcast's high quality despite the significant change. Joining Rushden is Irish journalist Barry Glendenning and several other journalists - including Amy Lawrence, and together they breakdown football news from the Premier League to the lower leagues. Guardian Football Weekly is released every Monday and Thursday.The Totally Football ShowIt didn't take long for the Totally Football Show to find its feet - the podcast came into fruition just before the beginning of the 2017/18 season, with the Guardian Football Weekly's long-running host James Richardson and it's producer Ben green accompanying frequent contributor Iain Macintosh to set up their own podcast. A lot of new shows have an uneasy freshman period as they find their feet, but that wasn't the case here, in thanks to the professionalism of its hosts and excellent guests.Differing from Football Weekly in terms of the personnel involved - guests such as former goalkeeper David Preece, Sky Sports presenter Cathy Bates and Football Cliche's Adam Hurrey; as well as Richardson's European football cohorts James Horncastle and Arsenal supporting journalist Phillipe Auclair, The Totally Football Show is an accessible way to get your football news fix (and a lot of puns).Handily, the podcast descriptions give a heads-up as to when an event is discussed, so if there is a specific thing you're looking to hear about - such as a particular match-up - then you can skip right to it.The Totally Football Show is released every Monday and Thursday.Second CaptainsSecond Captains are an Irish-based podcast, but offer some of the best English football podcasts available. Journalists Eoin McDevitt, Ciaran Murphy and Ken Early break down and digest the weekend’s football news and stories every Monday, and it is essential listening for everybody.Where Second Captains differs from other football podcasts on this list is that they also offer podcasts for their World Service members every day from Monday to Friday. This is a paid service, but costing less than £5 per month, it is some of the best value for money you will find.What the everyday podcasts - that have been around since February 2017 - mean, is that if there's a midweek game such as a Monday night fixture or some European football, there's almost immediate reaction to it available, making it a great way to keep on top of news while commuting or otherwise.Outside of soccer, there are also some fantastic pieces on other sports - pieces you may not even be aware of till they're covered, like the success of an off-the-radar tennis player or some historical aspect of sport that doesn't get the deserved coverage. Second Captains is available for free every Monday, and every day as part of the Second Captains World Service.The Tuesday ClubThe Tuesday Club is an Arsenal-specific podcast that has been running for a number of years, with comedian Alan Davies at the helm, discussing Arsenal-related issues with his friends and fellow season-ticket holders, Ian Stone, Tayo Popoola, Keith Dover and Damien Harris. A far more informal podcast than the others listed here, The Tuesday Club (named after Arsenal players social gatherings in the 90s) is just passionate supporters speaking about the (many) trials and tribulations of their club. It's always an interesting listen, although it has followed a far more infrequent release schedule than it used too - it used to come out on a fortnightly basis, and now, they get together and release a new podcast every few months, which means there's always quite a bit to catch up on.The Tuesday Club releases on an infrequent basis, so subscribe for updates.ArsecastThe Arsecast is an award winning weekly Arsenal podcast produced by the website that features match reviews and previews, Arsenal news, phone calls, competitions, funny bits and weekly guest to talk about what’s going on surrounding the club that weekThis is perhaps the most in-depth Arsenal podcast available and mixes club news with interesting debates with journalists, Arsenal bloggers, writers and excellent club-related guests like Ray Parlour and Perry groves and famous supporters like comedians Dara O' Briain and Alan Davies.Arsecast releases twice weekly, with a podcast coming out every Monday and Friday. ------It's worth listening to the podcasts listed (as well as others) as it really is a good way to digest and reflect on news. The opinions expressed may not always correlate with your own, but that does not mean they aren't worth hearing so give a couple of them a try and find out which your favourite is!