Danny Welbeck.

Valued by England, yet a bench regular for the majority of his Arsenal career, and for a large portion of his United career too.

Yet, when on the pitch, it is extremely rare to pick out a bad game that ‘Dat Guy’ has had.

Always gives everything. Willing to sacrifice his pride and play wide. His tracking back, his hunger for the ball and his stamina are all peerless.

Welbeck is a real asset.

For a striker though, it is strange that perhaps one of his biggest weaknesses should in fact be one of his strengths. Welbeck’s finishing is a little unreliable, to say the least, but striker’s need a run of games, something that Welbeck hasn’t had for quite some time.

We cannot fairly judge his goal return as our England man has never had the conditions required to drive out the best in him. Without a rhythm, Welbz can’t find the sharpness that all top strikers have.

Instead, he is used as an attacking wide man. His ability to work back and defend is another reason why Welbeck is often utilised out on the flank. He offers security out wide, and in tight games that is a big plus.

It also means he has to cut in and his presence and touch on the outskirts of the box are genuinely excellent. He has all the attributes, but he need some games.

The last few seasons have been tough on the limbs, some serious injuries have destroyed entire campaigns.  A mere 82 appearances in more than four years tells its own story, but 16 goals could have been a lot more.

Welbeck will get those games, but unless there are injuries, the England striker will be a sporadic feature. His name on the teamsheet though, is always a welcome one.