The majority of Arsenal-related news has been understandably about incoming signings - but what about who must go to make room for these new players?

We have had five new transfers to herald in the new era of Unai Emery at Arsenal, but Jack Wilshere is the sole first teamer to have left the club.

The latest story in the footballing world now though, is that Danny Welbeck may be the next to make way.

The England man has still not rejoined the squad thanks to England’s run to the Semi-Finals of the World Cup, but apparently, there is a list of players available should the right offer come in - and Welbeck is on that figurative list.

The England striker is reportedly wanted by Everton, who last season went on a massive spree and this addition could start another, with a few wealthy backers in their stable.

Danny Welbeck has had an injury-hit time with Arsenal, but there is a reason he is a fan favourite. His ability to score important goals is a factor, but his stamina and relentless running for the good of the team is chief among reasons why Welbeck would be a fantastic player wherever he went.

His lack of a killer touch will always count against him, but his touch and awareness are fantastic and don’t look out of place when playing alongside Ozil and Mkhitaryan. Welbeck is far more than just a striker, and the team player could be on his way to Goodison this summer.

Welbeck is on the periphery of the first team and is a likely candidate to leave the club if room needs to be made, or if his desire for first-choice football becomes greater than his love for the club.

Any developments on Welbz will be here on The Arsenal Review.