What is it you miss the most?

During these measures that are designed to keep the Covid-19 pandemic contained, football has been an inevitable casualty.

With this footballing hiatus showing no sign of halting, we have turned to nostalgia to get our fix, with each club doling out the video clips in an effort to sate the need of football that fans have.

We now see the massive part that football played in all of our lives. It is pretty difficult to fill – but what exact part of football is it we miss the most?

I’m lucky enough to be able to attend matches, and the network of fellow Gooners I know and sit in the stands with is a large part of why I continue to go and plough my money into the club. Even during the dark days of Wenger’s banter era, as long as my favourites were next to me and joining in the moaning – it was very much worth it.

The drinks before and after a game, shouting so loud I would leave the stadium with the hoarsest of throats – it is all part and parcel of what I’m missing right now.

But I do take in most of the games at home, and sitting in my chair, with snacks and a drink. Conversing with some of my favourite people on social media as the game plays out on my screen. All the talking points dissected dynamically as it happens, all in the palm of my hand.

I consume all football. Of course, the Arsenal are my lifeblood, but I keep up to date with as many competitions as possible – and right now I would relish a fourth Division match in Luxembourg. The fact that there is absolutely ZERO football on, makes it harder to fill that void.

Still, the constant stream of videos from Arsenal and their players is the sustenance we all need right now. From Wrighty to Aubameyang, Linighan’s winner in 93, Overmars, Anelka, Platt’s header, Wiltord, Freddie nipping in the box, the magic of Dennis, the mastery of Thierry, the panache of Pires, Theo’s goals, the BFG ruling it in 2017 – so many memories brought back to life and real again.

So thank you Arsenal. We are all struggling right now and we miss you.