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Vision 2020 On Arsenal this Weekend

Believing in yourself is the first secret of success i strongly believe. This has been somewhat difficult, without many explanations. Given the cosmic planets positioning and desire to bag a quick 3 points tonight and shift focus to the main business of the weekend against @ManUtd on Sunday inshaJesus.
I see our 2nd team and few experiences bagging an easy 3 points tonight. One step at a time, yes, but " the mind will not always remember exactly what happened but the heart will always remember the feeling..." I desire 2-8 results, 3 points against #ManUtd on Sunday, or anything wild, close to such humiliating result, deep and valuable. An average 'defensive and attacking minded players ' with laser focus can deliver this #universe solidly behind us.We #Gunners gracefully accepted the worst defeat of in history exactly
9 years, 2 months, 2 days today; we're beaten 8-2, now 2-8 in my wishful thinking, mental hack, desire, I am fine with any. For all i know, that would close a major old door, for new memories.
It's also personal for @Arteta, in that,
this happened around when we recruited him as a player. Many mocked us for that decision, and he's our manager today. May i remind us all, a day of reckoning presents itself one more time. Better team wins the game. Plus, which fan would not want to win an old rival...This day being a special day, i love the thought that #GodOfSoccer behind us we'd be focused, hungry and capitalize on every of their mistakes to bury them on the same ground, i got a lifetime wound. Nothing seems to fill the void, yes. I also want what's best for my heart; #arsenal.
Advert InsertedI am excited with the thought that, we manifest crazy scoreline against @ManUtd.And tonight, i see a 4-0 win and 2-8 to #Arsenal come Sunday.
#coyg #arsenal for life. #BabaAgbaVita #ArsenalPrediction #futurist #ManUArs