Subsequently, since the start of the season, Arsenal's results have become less and less desirable.

From being the perfect side at the fortress, which was the Emirates, we have become poorer and poorer no matter the competition and no matter whether we play home or away.

It has got to a point where as a collective fanbase we believe that nothing will change without change interior to our football club. 

A change in management and a change in procedure is required because the current way of playing football is clearly not working and this fact is something clear to even the blindest of the blind.

Fans are not just critiquing the style of football that Arsenal have played in the 2019/20 season so far, but also the lack of progressive football that we have played. Speaking on behalf of the fanbase as a whole, we believe the Football Club that Unai Emery has made Arsenal into is not the same club that us Arsenal fans fell in love with at the beginning of our journey.

We have lost a huge part of our club by losing our identity. Instead of playing with an identity, we now play non-progressive, flat, sidewards and football with no urgency whatsoever. On behalf of the fanbase, I can also state that it has been, visually, traumatic to watch... 

A small selection of individuals in the fanbase have got to the point of believing that the best result in the upcoming fixture vs Leicester City is to be thrashed by The Foxes in order to ensure a definite departure of Unai Emery as we move into the last international break of 2019.

The fans need to be listened to...It is about time that the Board of Executives at Arsenal see the truth!

It took 7 seasons of fans on the 'Wenger Out' bandwagon before Arsene Wenger, respectfully, left the club and a year and a half into the reign of Unai Emery as Arsenal Head Coach, the fans have turned on Arsene's successor and have started jumping on the 'Emery Out' bandwagon. 

Despite it only being 18 months, we need change at Arsenal Football Club. 

We also know as Arsenal fans that we do not want to face the same problems that Manchester United have faced in managerial change and therefore the man that replaces the Spaniard needs to be the man to take Arsenal forward with the right philosophy and ideology for the next 2-4 years (at least)!

As a Football Club we can, quite simply, not afford to miss out on the top tier of European Football for the fourth season running when thinking about the 2020/21 season otherwise we can kiss the hopes of keeping world class talent such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette goodbye...

Furthermore, we need to wake up and stop being so naive as a fanbase in believing that the world class talent like Aubameyang will stay with us forever. 

The matter of fact is he is thirty two and he will want to end his playing career playing in Europe's top tier competition rather than the subsidiary competition (The Europa League). 

Because the Arsenal fans wanted Arsene Wenger to go for so long they went into the 'Anyone will do' mentality and despite consistent success in the Europa League, Unai Emery had previous problems with big egos at PSG and the Arsenal fans were just excited for a change at Arsenal Football Club instead of looking at the lack of World Class attributes within Unai Emery.

Only towards the start of this season have the fans opened their eyes and seen the reality that Unai Emery is not the man to take Arsenal Football Club further forward into the future. 

One of our club’s mottos is ‘Victory Grows Through Harmony’ but at the moment this motto is very controversial to use when describing Arsenal and therefore this shows that we have lost our club’s identity. 

To gain our identity back we need to make a change now!