With 10 minutes to play in this game, I saw how this game was going to end. I mean it was so obvious... our midfield were totally uninspired, and we were poised at 1-1, we needed a spark, a moment of inspiration. When I saw the camera pan to the Arsenal bench and Jack Wilshere ready himself I thought - yes, Wenger knows what's needed to win this game. Cruelly, Koscielny got injured and we ended up using our last substitution replacing him with Holding. Jack put his warm up top back on, sat back down... not to be.

A few minutes later, the decent but hardly inspiring Watford midfielder Tom Cleverley (who had a shocker not handling the BFG for Arsenal's opener) standing unmarked on the penalty spot, latches onto a deflected shot and powers the ball into the Arsenal goal in extra time. Game over. Null point Arsenal. Replaying that goal now, it is pretty obvious that Xhaka falls asleep and leaves Cleverly totally unmarked in our box... weak, lack of focus, lack of desire?

Ultimately this is one of those games where Arsenal are at their most vulnerable. Despite scoring first they spurned at least 2 or 3 great chances to score a second and put the game beyond grasp of the Hornets - with late substitute Ozil possibly the most guilty there. Add in a very suspect penalty awarded to the home side, and you end up with all Arsenal's limitations laid bare.

Foremost is the midfield. The Cleverley goal epitomised this, but the passing about without incision after the equaliser was the real issue. This is a team that was cut apart by Man City just weeks ago. Arsenal needed a 6 and a half foot defender from a corner to score. Xhaka and Elneny are not world class, but they should not be caught napping at the least.

I'm sure Wenger was just as gutted as I was not to see Jack come on and have the chance to influence the end of this game. But if I were him, I'd drop Xhaka to the bench for a few games now until he sharpens up. I'd like to see Wilshere and Ramsey partner up in our midfield away to Everton next Sunday. A loss there and I fear we may become the whipping boys of the premiership this season...

As for Deeney - his lack of class was already evident after he scored from the spot, ran to the supporters pulling his name into view... Why waste more time on him, we have to look ourselves in the mirror now, but changes are needed, fast.