Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed our perception of ‘normal?’

Because Arsenal players returned to training today – and the images seemed so strange!

Seeing our players on the training pitch, bedecked in training gear and – lo and behold, actually kicking footballs?

It is such a welcome sight.

Mikel Arteta too – despite no barbers being open for the duration of lockdown, he still had absolutely perfect hair – was with them and it was a real boost, speaking personally, looking at the images of them all in action.

No matter the fitness regimes of the players at home – we saw all manner of exercises and methods in action when looking at their social media accounts – returning to actual football training will begin the real effort of regaining the sharpness that is required for top-flight football.

But even though there is still no concrete return date for the Premier League – this is still a step nearer to the sport returning to these shores.

Mikel Arteta will have a big job on his hands getting his men back to where they where before the lockdown and sport ban began. 

It won’t be only the fitness shortfall that Arteta has to address.

The Spaniard was in the midst of his revolution just before all this began. We heard, from the many soundbites Arteta has given to the media during his offtime, that he has continued to send videos and training tips to his boys. But nothing beats getting on the pitch, using his unique delivery and the respect his troops have for him, to get his messages across more succinctly and effectively.

That is what he will have begun again today and we can look forward to his revolution being put into play once again, for his improvements to continue washing through the squad.

The training has begun again, and we can look forward to seeing more of those glorious images.

Who knows? Perhaps in a month or so – we might just see some competitive action?