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Torreira To Arsenal Nearly Done, According to Sampdoria President

There has been plenty of Arsenal ins and outs lately, but the one name we are waiting to hear about is the diminutive Uruguayan, Lucas Torreira.The current Sampdoria player is close to an Arsenal switch, but the crucial confirmation has been missing. With Torreira on World Cup duty, it seems like we may be in for a long wait - and as long as there is no confirmation, then there can always be a spanner in the works.Fear not though, for the Sampdoria club president has spoken out on Italian TV, and confirmed that Torreira is on his way out of the club - and a tidy profit has been made on the player that was recruited to Sampdoria for only 3m from Pescara.Massimo Ferrero spoke to an Italian TV channel, and said;“Torreira has left for 30m. I bought him from Pescara when no one believed in him. We placed a bet and we won, paying just 3m.”He continued “La Samp does not sell unless there are excellent offers. We do not look for buyers. We have natural talents whose value increases exponentially.” It seems that this deal is awaiting confirmation only - much like the deal with Borussia Dortmund defender Sokratis.Torreira seems to be the player Arsenal have been wanting for years. Only 5”6, but his interceptions and tackles have given Sampdoria a solid foundation, and the midfielder could be the final piece of the puzzle.Only yesterday, Jack Wilshere confirmed his exit from his boyhood club, and German goalkeeper Bernd Leno was confirmed by our club.Torreira may yet be confirmed after the World Cup, but his Arsenal confirmation is inching closer.