Lucas Torreira set our summer alight.

Weeks and weeks of rumour and hearsay inflated the hype bubble, and when the diminutive midfielder signed on the dotted line, the excitement was at fever pitch.

This player could well be our missing link.

Our search for a viable defensive midfielder goes back for a decade, ever since the Brazilian wall, Gilberto, departed for Greece. We’ve tried and failed many different players in the role, but they were either not good enough, or they simply couldn’t stick to what we needed.

We needed a shield, a blocker, someone who would act as rocks on the shore as wave after wave would crash upon it, unable to pass.

Lucas Torreira, before he signed, was doing the business for Uruguay. His performances were simply amping up our curiosity, and also our nerves. We wanted it confirmed, and every day we feared someone would steal in and thwart the move.

His stats for previous club Sampdoria are impressive, and only served to reinforce what we believed - he is the real deal, and just what we need.

He was the top ball-winner in Serie A over the last two seasons, interceptions, tackles. He thrives on taking on attacks and squishing them underfoot. His small frame is no obstacle, he is made of pure granite.

On the subject of granite, his signing may spell trouble for another midfielder, Granit Xhaka.

It is inevitable that Torreira will come into the side. His cameo versus Cardiff immediately solidified our team, and Xhaka will be the likely casualty, given that Matteo Guendouzi is the perfect box-to-box candidate to profit from Torreira’s knack for grabbing possession.

Xhaka has no defined role, he is neither DM nor B2B. His inability to conform to these roles will cost him - or so it appears currently, and the Swiss man will be watching from the bench as Torreira breaks up attacks with panache.

The Uruguayan’s inclusion will take us one step closer to what Emery has planned, and it can’t come soon enough, as the good ship Arsenal is looking mighty weak in the hull right now.