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Top 4 Or Bust For Arsenal? What Is Success This Season?

What constitutes a good season for Arsenal?The goalposts have shifted by quite some distance in recent years, but, buoyed by our recent trophy win, the much-needed climb up the Premier League table is very much the priority when discussing the topic amongst fellow Gooners.Mikel Arteta will have been given his targets this season and a place in the hallowed ‘top4’ spots is on the agenda. This sought-after quartet of league positions gives the club the platform a club of our stature deserves but most importantly – or in the eyes of KSE anyway – the cash windfall that comes with Champions League participation is the goal.Would we be happy with just a top4 spot? No trophy campaign to look forward to? All our eggs in one basket? Perhaps not, but a return to the CL does mean we regain the ability to lure top talent to the club. Although our hiatus from the top European competition has hardly hampered our efforts, with the likes of Gabriel, Aubameyang and Thomas PArtey signing while we played in the Europa League.Then there is the competition for those spots. It used to be that five teams maximum were fighting it out, tooth and nail, for the top4. Now, there are about eight, perhaps ten, teams who have their sights set on the Champions League, and rightfully so. Wolves have finished just outside those spots for two consecutive seasons now and regularly compete on an even keel, performance wise, against the bigger boys. Everton have spent a shedload and finally look like the real deal. Leicester are now a sustained force and with Leeds and Aston Villa showing the green shoots of recovery, it means every single point will be deserved.Advert InsertedSo, perhaps a top four spot should be the priority. With the recent memory of our FA Cup win still fresh, we could go all out for the PL this season. Plus, with our squad depth, we could still get to the later stages of the FA Cup while simultaneously rotating the squad.Win-win? Can we do it?Do you think we can?