There seems to be an increase in procrastination tools since lockdown restricted our movements and activities.

It’s hardly surprising that we see a rise in things that can while away our minutes – we are all looking to either escape from the boredom or keep our minds busy – and polls on social media are always a popular method of burning minutes.

Even so – is it excusable to continually question what is pretty much a universal truth?

In the last two weeks at least, there have been repeated polls on who was the best foreign player to grace the Premier League shores.

Despite nearly every expert, pundit and former player stating that our very own Thierry Henry is the best foreign import – we have still seen an attempt to question the decision.

It isn’t just Thierry’s outstanding figures that show what a game changer he was. Shearer and Rooney scored more goals and Sergio Aguero’s goal ratio is slightly more prolific, so in terms of pure goalscoring, Henry can be ousted.

But what player has won the Golden Boot four times? What player was in the top3 for the Ballon D’Or twice? What player is regularly named by the most admired defenders as the striker they most feared?

Thierry Henry not only scored a shedload of goals, he also registered assists in double figures, season after season. When things weren’t going according to plan – was there another player – before or since – that simply took the ball anywhere on the pitch and MADE something happen through sheer skill?

Thierry Henry amongst Gooners is Le King – but it is important that greatness is recognised by others – as there is always room for bias.

Thierry’s blend of searing pace, goalscoring threat from every area of the pitch and his neat interplay – helped by a velvet touch – was intoxicating for defenders – and a lifesaver for Arsenal. His rivals for the title of best ever import – or even best ever PL player – have certain qualities but none of them all together.

For us Gooners, his crown will never slip – and no matter how many polls take place that call into question his mastery of the entire domestic setup in England – he will always be the greatest.

Just ask John Terry, Nemanja Vidic, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyppia, Ricardo Carvalho……