It’s crunch time.

We currently sit inside the much-wanted Top4 spots. Those places give clubs entry to the Champions League, and more importantly, a rather significant amount of money.

This money is vital to the hopes of growth for the big teams, the so-called big6.

It is cynical to view it this way, but cash is what makes football go round, the sport is a business.

How refreshing has it been though, to be involved in a European competition that we actually have a chance to win?

The Europa League may not have the glamour attached to the Champions League, but like it or not, if we were to win it, it would represent the biggest trophy in European football that we have ever won.

The remaining teams that are still fighting it out for the trophy are not bigger in stature, nor do they have superior squads than us. On paper, we have every right to dream of winning it.

If we were in the Champions League though, would we have been in with a shout? Would we be out already?

We are fighting for the top four, and we want to get back in the Champions League again. The top table of club football is somewhere we got used to sitting at, and we should be there. But , from a fans perspective, the Europa League has been a real tonic.

Even in Wenger’s last season, we reached the semi-finals with what was a sub-par team. This season there is no Atletico Madrid to stop us, and while we could reach the top four and we will celebrate that should it happen, we should enjoy the thrills that the Europa League brings.

It may not bring in the same amount of cash, but the bigger chance of filling our trophy cabinet is a good balancer.