Scouring the web and various social media channels for nuggets of football is fast becoming the norm.

Imagine my surprise then, when I saw a question that genuinely piqued my interest.

We’ve had some pretty special goalkeepers in the last few decades. David Seaman was viewed as one of the best of a generation. Jens Lehmann was an Invincible and added an air of steel to our team.

There were blips of course, but since then we have also had Premier League legend Petr Cech between our sticks, the supremely talented – if naïve – Wojciech Szczesny and now, we seem to have a fitting stopper for our recovery – Bernd Leno.

The question is – How do they stack up?

Personally, I think the top two are undeniable. Both David Seaman and Jens  Lehmann both earned that through repeated displays that reassured both fans and their teammates. They were a cut above and both featured in the Top 10 goalkeepers of the Premier League in a recent Match of the Day show.

The other three though, that’s where it gets interesting.

Petr Cech’s reputation was forged on his Chelsea displays. He was more than able to still hold his own during his time with us, but he was a shade of the imposing figure that earned a multitude of clean sheets with the Blues.

Szczesny is an enigma. The Pole was loved by Gooners because he was a Gooner himself. He built a rapport with the fans and it certainly helped that he could put in a fantastic, match-winning performance. At times, he was sublime, but he still had to mature. 

The Szczesny that is at Juve right now? That could have been with us.

Then there is Bernd Leno. The German in his (nearly) two seasons as an Arsenal keeper has been a resounding success and he is in a two-horse race with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this campaign to be named Player of the Year for the club. That is how good – and vital – he has been for us.

So, who would be third, fourth and fifth behind Seaman and Lehmann?

It’s entirely subjective, but I’d go for Cech, Leno and Szczesny. Who did I feel we could rely on under attack? Szczesny never filled me with confidence.

How about you?