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The Best of Bellerin

Hector Bellerin celebrated his birthday, his 24th year on this planet, on the 19th of March.The young Spaniard, despite his current serious injury, has the world at his feet, but what lies ahead for his future?The electrifying defender had really adapted to Unai Emery’s new methods and system this season, so when he succumbed to knee ligament injury, fans and player alike were despondent.Bellerin had been flying, and we were seeing the fruition of years of Arsenal schooling, as well as the experience he had gathered - all knitting together to form a player that is on the steepest incline.The problem is that we can all see how good Bellerin is, and a former Gunner’s career path fills us all with worry.Cesc Fabregas was also a young trailblazer, also hailing from La Masia, Barca’s youth system.Season after season, we watched Cesc improve and show that he could hold his own with the best in the business. His stature grew, and every impressive match we heard louder and louder rumblings emanating from Barca.The home shouts loudest, and eventually Cesc rejoined his boyhood club. It was more than returning to his roots though. Barca, like it or not, are a bigger club than us, and regular Champions League contention gives them an even bigger draw.Bellerin shares all the above with Cesc. A huge star on a massive rise, gaining headlines and suitors across Europe. The better he gets, the more we will worry.Bellerin has been at the club for a while now, and when he returns to the side he will give us a huge boost once he reaches match sharpness. All we can hold out for is that we get a few more seasons of being able to watch him in our jersey before he gets called upon to return home and cement his stature as one of the best right-backs in the world.If we began to contend for titles and returned to the Champions League, we could tempt him to stay longer, but if we want to keep the best, we need to be among the best - and Bellerin is certainly in that category.