Most or all people visiting this site are likely to be Arsenal supporters and so will relate very well with most or all that i am writing about.
The most complicated fan base in the World of Sports has to be the Arsenal fan base - fiercely passionate, highly emotional, strongly opinionated extremely imaginative and perfectly divided down the middle in all matters concerning Arsenal. What binds us together is our love for The Arsenal. Our characteristics, as listed above make us an easy target for all media outlets as we will swarm in our hundreds and thousands at anything that relates to our club ... we are the Media World's favorite 'Click Bait'. Yes, that we definitely are, whether you like it or not.
So, as you can see, the life of an Arsenal fan is not easy, considering the roller coaster form of our team on the pitch ... It is prudent to have a Defibrillator handy while watching an Arsenal match as you never know what we may get.
What we must never forget is that we are the 12th man and are equally capable of influencing the performance on the pitch. We need to remember that even though the players earn millions and appear untouchable, they are humans too and get affected by our reactions, even if they do not really show it. We (including me) are very often guilty of writing off our own players for a single bad game.
Iwobi, Xhaka, Lacazette are all currently under-performing and we have abused them, sent death threats ... thoroughly shameful from us. Ramsey gets abused out of context when he posts cute images of his son. Every player goes through lean patches in their career, all they need is some time away from the first team to refocus on their game and most importantly our support.
We however, seem to have a single agenda ... hatred towards any aspect of our club that is not as per our expectation. Hatred is never a good thing ... our body language, our thoughts affect the players ... it is up to us, how we choose to use this power.
To state an example, the 4-4 draw at Newcastle (R.I.P Tiote) ... we were 4-0 up, but the Newcastle 12th man did not give up ... which pushed the players to a different level and they managed the unimaginable ... i do not think we did particularly bad in the second half ... they elevated themselves and won themselves a point ... THAT my friends ... is the power of the 12th man.
So let us all take a pledge today ... whatever color, race, religion, country you come from ... we will support our team through thick and thin and NOT LOSE FAITH!!!
#IAWT - InArsenalWeTrust
#COYG - CarryOnYouGunners
#STB - SupportTheBadge