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Tactics Against tottenham

The North London derby is upon us, and we’ll be facing the enemy on the back of a long unbeaten run - but with our opponent in the rudest of health.In terms of the balance of power, our neighbours have enjoyed the majority of the spoils in recent years, with tottenham finishing above us in the last two seasons.We have enjoyed wins against spurs, but in terms of squad power and capability, we have been bested - and a gap grew between us.Now, with Unai Emery in charge, optimism is in the air at The Emirates, and we can look to claw back the crown of North London, and despite tottenham’s good form, there are a few indicators that we can start this process this weekend.Firstly, Sokratis is back.We look a far more formidable outfit at the back when the Greek big man is in the lineup. Shkodran Mustafi has also started to show his worth, with his blocking and interception stats indicating that the German is benefitting from the coaching methods and the sage influence of Sokratis.Secondly, even though tottenham are looking strong up top with Kane, Alli and Son looking dangerous, they have weaknesses we can exploit - if we are at full strength.Emery will require the guile of Lacazette to accompany the prolific Aubameyang if we are to take advantage of the chinks in Pochettino’s armour.Our neighbours have been rotating their lines recently, their recent win over Chelsea showing the depth they possess. But for all of their shuffling and squad players, their centre is underwhelming.Their recent rise in the last few years has been powered by Dembele in the centre of the park, but the Belgian is now injury prone and doesn’t have the tank he once had. In his stead, Pochettino has Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko and Eric Dier, but none of them have the ball carrying skills combined with the strength of Dembele.So, Torreira and Xhaka have a mission - to strangle their midfield and overpower it, and get the ball quickly to our attack, so Laca and Auba can either outpace Vertonghen or use their experience to outwit Foyth.The scene is set for a fantastic atmosphere, and a battle that could tell us a lot regarding if we have closed the gap. tottenham could take advantage of our new tactics to play out from the back, but if we can move the ball quickly, we can escape their press and attack quickly with numbers.It’s a mouthwatering prospect. Up The Arsenal!!!!