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Surefire Signs of Improvement This Season For Gunners

With thirteen games left in the Premier League season, Arsenal are just three points away from the hallowed top four spots.Those places guarantee that the lucrative Champions League is bestowed upon whomever finishes within them - and it is a club priority discussed openly by the club hierarchy that the pinnacle of domestic football is most definitely a priority for Arsenal.This is most likely down to the gargantuan pots of money given to participants, and our balance sheets have missed the inclusion of Champions League readies. This may be cynical, but we can all agree that football is run like a business now, and the Champions League is a financial must - making the difference between the also-rans and the elite.Had we been offered this position of being two points away before a ball was kicked - wouldn’t we have taken it? With a brand new manager replacing Wenger and 22 years of framework, any chance of regaining our spot inside the European Football competition would have been snapped up.And yet, we perceive this season to be more or less the same as Wenger’s last - underwhelming.There are differences though, despite the similar position. Firstly, we are still in contention. Last season we were lucky to keep 6th spot.Secondly, the tactics are gradually changing, and this may take time, but the distance covered per game and the occasional display that our opponents can’t find an answer to, shows we are on the right track.True, we should not be sated by merely fighting for the top 4. We should be one of the established, but we had that, and complacency and a loose grip of tactics at crucial times were enough to destroy our perfect presence in the Champions League - and getting it back will be tricky.We are in a three horse race for one spot. Chelsea and United have both shown weaknesses, ones that we can exploit. It’s a good thing too, as we have to play United again soo.So, keep your chin up Gooners. To be in with a shout for the top 4 and still have our defence is a surefire sign that Emery is doing the right thing.