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Suarez to Finally Impress?

A few seasons ago, we signed an established midfield international. One with a reputation for excellence and professionalism.And with a broken back.The loan deal for Kim Kjallstrom raised more than a few eyebrows, it also brought hilarity amongst journalists and opposing fans alike. At the time, we were cash-strapped, and the deal that brought the Swede to Arsenal was viewed as even more ludicrous as for the first two months, the midfielder couldn’t kick a ball.A loan deal in January for the rest of the season is supposed to be because we have a gap in the squad, to add cover where there is none, so when the fixtures come thick and fast, we have ample players to deal with the physical drains that perpetual games bring.So when we signed Denis Suarez, another midfielder who came to the club on loan with a decent reputation, we rightfully expected the Spaniard to have an impact from the off.He was fit, we had games throughout, surely we would use him?Yet, here we are in March, approaching April, and the midfielder has made just four Premier League appearances - and not one start.So far, Suarez has completely failed to impose himself on our squad - but is this down to a lack of quality or is it because a period of acclimatisation is needed?When pressed on the subject recently, Unai Emery stated that Suarez was not quite ready to play 90 minutes, with a lack of match sharpness and readiness to deal with the trials that a Premier League game brings.Still, we can’t help but wonder why we signed a loan player for the rest of the season who was never going to feature until April at the earliest.Could Suarez have an impact yet? From his time at Barcelona, we know that he is a cultured player who has a full range of passing in his arsenal - excuse the pun. The question on his presence in the Premiership is his physicality.Can Suarez combat against burly midfielders and convert defence into attack? Even if he is moved further forward, can he deal with the worst that Premiership defences can offer?The jury is most definitely out on Suarez so far, but with an option for Arsenal to buy and the chance for Suarez to resurrect his career, the Spanish midfielder will be giving his all to earn a shot to impress his new boss and his new fans.