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Still No Rambo Contract

One saga didn’t culminate in a satisfactory ending this summer.Lucas Torreira signed. Bernd Leno signed. Sokratis signed. All were leaked weeks before they actually put pen to paper on a shiny new contract for Arsenal to acquire their services, but one long-running story never ended.Instead it rumbled on, and bled into the new season.Aaron Ramsey is still to sign an extended deal, and now every move he plays out on the pitch is being scrutinised to an extra degree.Is his heart still in it? Does he want to be here? More importantly, is he fitting into the new regime, and therefore, a part of the future?The Welsh midfielder has had an interesting season so far. Left out on occasion, played in varying positions across the attacking three behind the striker, Unai Emery it seems is struggling to find the correct place for Ramsey.Another key, is that Emery has yet to play him in his preferred position of central midfield, instead selecting him on his skills up top, rather than his box-to-box abilities.Ramsey knows this next contract is his last concrete opportunity to earn his biggest contract yet. After this one, he will be on the downward curve that is an inevitable part of being a professional player.Plus, he knows Arsenal are keen to reacquire his services. But the crucial step of pen to paper is still missing.Negotiations are a long-running affair, but for this to have run on as long as they have? It can only mean that Ramsey and his agent are unhappy with the numbers being offered and know they can earn what they desire elsewhere.Ramsey is clearly holding out for either a better deal, or until January, where he knows that he can enter discussions
with any interested parties. A significantly cheaper Ramsey would be a real coup for clubs hoping to pick up a genuinely talented player - and a real bargain.As it stands, we still don’t know what Ramsey will do and if he’s close to signing or if he is already targeting another club.As the games play and the days fly off the calendar, Ramsey’s D-Day approaches nearer. Will he be with us next season? Only he knows what his intentions are.