It was mere days ago that I penned an article documenting the stalemate that surrounded Aaron Ramsey and the distinct lack of an extended contract.

Well, now we have news on this very story - and it isn’t a positive update.

One of the few trusted sources in the world of Premier League football, David Ornstein tweeted about Ramsey and his contract situation - and there is no deal on the table any longer.

Ornstein states that the existing contract that caused so much deliberation on Ramsey’s part, is now OFF the table. That leaves no deal to sign - and the door open for Ramsey to begin talks with  other clubs as early as January.

The four-year deal fell short of Ramsey’s demands, hence the lack of his signature and an agreement, and the deal has been available for the Welshman to sign since the summer.

It is unclear what prompted the rescinding of the offer, but for the news to come from BBC Sport’s David Ornstein, normally this means that the news has concrete foundations.

Ramsey is Arsenal’s longest serving player, being at the club for 10 years, and scored the winning goals in the 2015 and 2017 FA Cup finals. He has made more than 300 appearances for the club, but at 28, Rambo knows this deal is the last moment he can get exactly what he wants, as he is at his physical peak.

Ramsey is working hard alongside his teammates to tie down a first team spot in the Unai Emery regime, and it is not known if Emery already has a replacement lined up - or even if a new offer will be made to Ramsey.

Watch this space - January should be interesting at least...