The drama continues.

The international break gave us two weeks to stew over what was an abominable 3-0 stuffing at the hands of Aston Villa.

The international break ends, we see Villa get turned over by Brighton and we face off against Leeds.

And we were lucky not to lose.

Was this down to Pepe’s sending off – or was it down to our system not being ready?

Well, it comes to something when our fanbase are given a jolt of reality from Danny Murphy, former Liverpool and Fulham midfielder and now Match of the Day pundit.

The Scouser was mystified that fans are not behind Arteta and pointed to our defence as the reason why the Spaniard’s methods are working.

Our defence is among the best in the league at the moment. Now take into consideration the last time we could say that. Many seasons ago, right?

Then, take into consideration how badly we are playing right now and that adds further weight to what Murphy was saying.

Arsenal are recovering, but it’s a long road.

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Just what Arteta himself was saying pre-Leeds.

Pepe’s red card did have a big effect on the game. With eleven we would have posed more of a threat. However, it would be unfair to say we would have bossed the game, as Leeds were well on top for large chunks of the match.

We still created a couple of golden opportunities though, but it is creation that we are falling down on.

Murphy stated that finding the right blend between defence and attack is the hardest part of the job and it seems at least Arteta has got one part right.

But with te pandemic throwing fixture calendars into disarray, no pre-season since he took over and not enough transfer windows to get the squad and eleven he needs, Arteta is still playing catchup.

The last thing he needs is the fanbase on him. He needs the time and space to get things right.

The entire squad backs him and that is the most important thing. They believe in the process – but change takes time.