The season is just eight games old thus far, and predominantly as a fanbase are pretty much in agreement.

Our team haven’t exactly hit top gear yet.

We may sit third in the Premiership, but that is down more to our rivals failings rather than our excellent play.

Bottom line though – we aren’t playing well and we are still 3rd – isn’t that the mark of a good team?

When the eleven is not clicking, when the football is not cohesive, yet wins are still being chalked up? That is the mark of a team in the ascendancy.

This doesn’t mean that we will now challenge for the title – far from it.

From the eight league games we have played, we have made fatal errors in five of them that have led to goals. Our first win of the season versus Newcastle, our win over Burnley and last weekends victory against Bournemouth were thankfully free of the faux pas that has blighted far too many matches.

That is a weakness that champions, or even successful sides, possess.

Yet, here we are, 3rd, and well within the group pushing for the top4.

Isn’t that where we wanted to be this season?

We have been yearning for progress this season, to see that Emery had pushed this group of players forward.

Well, we are winning, we are keeping clean sheets and still not playing well. The Bournemouth game was the perfect example.

Our Man of the Match was a defender. We limited the Cherries to a far more reasonable number of shots than we did against Watford. We toughed it out, we tackled, barged and generally mucked in wherever we could.

Our elbow grease rather than our finesse won us the points. We have to be pleased that we are showing our teeth. For the last two seasons, it is exactly the type of game where we would have dropped points.

So, it’s a mixed bag right now, but those calling for Emery’s head really need to look at the dictionary for the definition of patience.

He has us winning and we still have many gears yet to go.

Give the man time.