We’ve all been there.

Talking to work colleagues, friends or family about football and certain incidents from games.

The interesting thing is that for the majority of the time, each and every one of you will have differing reasons why the incident occurred.

Especially when it comes to team selection.

Every single game, just scour social media just before kickoff and you will see a raft of people disagreeing with the direction Mikel Arteta has gone with in terms of who makes the eleven.

Think you can do any better though? Of course you do.

Well, why don’t you put that confidence to the test and go up against real competition – your fellow Gooners.

And to make matters even more enticing, you stand to win some cash too.

That is, if you’re good enough. Can you pick the team?

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Right here on this site, the ‘Pick the Team’ feature invites you to select what you think Arteta will do. If you can match all eleven players, you get three points. Ten from eleven? Two points, and you get a point if you can correctly guess nine players from the eleven.

Those points go into a leaderboard – and at the end of the season, the top three ‘coaches’ will be rewarded for their expertise, in the form of cold hard cash.

What’s to lose?

It takes a couple of minutes and it puts you in with a chance of winning something pretty decent.

Last season, I finished joint third and won £50. The winner? They got a share of £1000.

Let’s be honest here though. We all reckon ourselves to know more than most when it comes to our team – the REAL joy here is seeing your name near the top of the leaderboard. The opportunity to prove your Arsenal knowledge in the form of predicting the team is too good to turn down.

So click the link and take your shot.

Prove you’re more Mikel than Mourinho.