Are Tottenham doing what we should be doing?

Our rivals and neighbours have just announced that they have sacked their long-standing manager, Mauricio Pochettino, after a string of poor results. They sit just below us in the table – should we be following suit?

The sacking of a manager who had built up plenty of goodwill and patience at his club shows that the Chairman expects far better than what was being delivered. That was a run of results that saw a torrid run of away form, results that left the club looking down rather than at the top four, and performances that were lacklustre and far below recent seasons.

Sound familiar?

Unai Emery is guilty of all of the above and the only difference between Pochettino’s situation and Emery’s was that the Spaniard has not had the time that the Argentine has enjoyed, to instil his tactics, his squad and his training methods.

Emery has seen his side transgress rather than blossom, in the time he has been at the helm. Those that argue that Emery needs time to put down his ways must now have doubts whether our coach is indeed the right man. This season we should have been seeing a leap in terms of style and discipline, but we have instead been lacking identity, with no panache that is synonymous with Arsenal teams of the recent past.

That shows that Emery is struggling to put his mark down on the squad and in training. Jurgen Klopp had a shaky first full season at Liverpool, eventually finishing eighth, but the rise thereafter was there for all to see. He needed time and got it and the results came, performances improved.

The same can’t be said for Emery, as we languish well below what we expected after last season’s near miss in both the Premier League and the Europa League.

Mauricio Pochettino paid the ultimate price for a drop in results – will our patience be the making or undoing of Emery?