3 - Assists for Aaron Ramsey this season (2nd in the PL)

12 - Key passes by Ramsey (leads Arsenal)

1 - Big chances created by Ramsey

1.35 - Expected assists for Rambo

1 - Assists for Iwobi

4 - Key passes by Iwobi

3 - Big chances created by Iwobi (leads Arsenal, yes, that means ¾ of his key passes have been big chances)

1.49 - Expected assists for Iwobi (leads Arsenal)

0.57 - Expected assists per90 for Iwobi (3rd in the League)

10 - Key passes by Ozil (0 assists, 0 big chances created)

531 - Accurate passes by Granit (5th in the League)

8 - Key passes by Granit

4 - Key passes off corners by Granit (leads Arsenal in key passes off corners)

7 - Successful dribbles by Aubameyang (co-leads Arsenal with Aaron Ramsey)

13 - Dribbles attempted by Auba

5 - Successful dribbles by Auba in his final season at BvB

26 - Attempted dribbles by Auba in his final season at BvB

17 - Shots for Lacazette (leads Arsenal, Aguero leads the League with friggin 38!)

12 - Shots for Auba (2nd on Arsenal)

2.3 - Expected goals for each of Auba and Laca (leads Arsenal)

4.09 - Expected goal chain for Lacazette (leads Arsenal, this is the total of his involvement this season in shots for Arsenal, any time a shot is taken, all players in the xGChain are awarded the same xG. So, if Granit Xhaka takes a shot from outside the box, all the players who passed the ball in that move would be awarded 0.02 xGChain. Cool?)

4.04 - xGChain for Monreal (2nd at Arsenal)

3.86 - xGChain for Mkhitaryan (3rd at Arsenal)

3.47 - xGChain for Auba (4th, etc.)

3.37 - xGChain for Granit (5th)

3.03 - xGChain for Bellerin (6th)

3.00 - xGchain for Ozil (7th)

2.86 - xGChain for Iwobi (8th)

2.61 - xGChain for Ramsey (9th)

2.51 - xGChain for Guendouzi (10th)

7.87 - xGChain for Sergio Aguero (leads the League, the top three players in the League - Aguero, Silva and Solva - are Man City players and all have an xGChain above 7)

1.45 - xGChain per 90 for Danny Welbeck (7th in the League, Welbs, Iwobi and Mkhitaryan are top three at Arsenal)

3.21 - Expected Goals Buildup for Granit (leads Arsenal. This stat counts all of the NON-shot expected goals in the same way that xGChain measures all the moves that ended in a shot. Expected goals can be measured from non-shots too. The most obvious example is the cross by Iwobi for the own goal against Watford. That was a great cross and even though Arsenal didn’t get a shot off the cross itself carried some expected goals value.)

2.45 - xGBuildup for Guendouzi (2nd on Arsenal, which is incredible since he’s played 366 minutes to Granit’s 662 - obviously Guendouzi also leads Arsenal in xGBuildup per90. He averages 0.60.)


Sources: Understat.com, WhoScored.com, SofaScore.com