How Do We Score Each Game?

To play Pick The Team   , select your starting 11 players for each match, throughout the season. We disable the game 2 hours proir to each kick off to prevent users from coping the starting players from various sources. Since 2020 season, we have added many metrics for scoring and breaking ties. The main metric is score and you gain score points by getting 11, 10 or 9 starting players correct.

  11 Correct Equals 3+ Points 

  10 Correct Equals  2+ Points

 Correct Equals  1+ Points

In addition to score we have various other metrics to break ties and give the game more charcter.
  Balance : This is the total sum of all the correct players. If you only get one starting player correct you get 1 added to your balance. Same goes for 2, 6, 11 etc.

  Speed : The faster you submit your pick in contrast to the other users, the higher the speed score you gain. Each match we divide out 100 score points between all players for that specific match. If you update your pick then you are resetting your submit time to that time of update.

This will continue until the end of the season, when the user with the highest current season score will win the cash prize of £1,000      . The second placed user will win £250    and the third placed user will win £100   . Note these prizes are for the 2020/21 season.

What If Multiple Users Have The Same End Of Season Score?

If two or more users have a tied score we will use the Balance and Speed metrics to break them. In the very unlikily case we still have a tie, we will simply split the prizes money between those who tie. 

What Happens If A Player Was Chosen For A Match Who Wasn't on The Arsenal Review List Of Players?

We try and allow for this, by having a small selection of U23 players to choose from. But if the maximum a user could have got with the player choices we offer was 10, then 10 will count as 11/11, and so down until every user is on a level playing field. Not ideal, but should very rarely happen during a season.

How and when will I get my prize money?

We will pay the prize money via Paypal 5 days after the last Arsenal game of the season. That last game could be a Premiership Game, an FA Cup final or hopefully this season the Europa League final !

I Believe My Score Is Wrong, How Do I get This Fixed?

Send us an email to and we will respond ASAP.

Feel free to reach out to us with any other questions or suggestions! COYG