Arsenal escaped from the World Cup relatively unscathed, with the majority of our players able to join up for vital pre-season training thanks to some surprise early knockouts and some players avoiding a call-up altogether.

It was expected that Mesut Ozil and Germany would go all the way, but Die Mannschaft exited the defence of their world title at the first hurdle, and fans heaped the blame on Ozil’s shoulders.

Since then, Ozil has gone on holiday to collects his thoughts and now, has put out a statement to declare his retirement from international football - thanks to the racism from the DFB (Deutsch Fussball Bund) and its President - Reinhardt Grindel.

Ozil released a three page statement detailing why it’s with a heavy heart he retires from playing for Germany, but it is the behaviour of the German Football Federation and it’s lack of support and respect that has led him to feel he has no choice.

The 5-time German player of the year also detailed the racism he has been subject to - even from officials belonging to the German Football Federation.

The DFB has now released a counter statement, heavily denying any racist elements in their organisation, which is hardly surprising, but Arsenal and our fans have backed our man to the hilt, with the hashtag IStandWithOzil.

Ozil will now be able to dedicate himself to his club wholly, and can feel that he has achieved everything with his country, doing the nation proud, unlike the nation’s footballing representatives.

Racism is archaic and putrid and has no place in modern society, let alone football and Mesut Ozil has highlighted that the news may focus on the racism in the stands, but the rot may have set in further than we thought, with footballing federations now guilty of ostracising simply through race or creed.

Bravo Mesut - We’ve got your back.