Mesut Ozil has some fervent support and even fiercer detractors.

The playmaker cuts opinion down the middle but wherever you fall on the Ozil spectrum, it is undeniable that last season was his poorest since his beginnings in the Bundesliga.

Ozil earned just two assists for the last campaign, which for a player famed for his setting up of goals, is a big fall from what is expected.

The lowly stat only tells half the story though. When delved into a little deeper, you find that in terms of chance creation, Ozil was once again top of the pile in Arsenal colours.

His low number of assists can be attributed to profligate finishing so it seems, but then there is another layer of context.

Ozil should be competing with the likes of Christian Eriksen and David Silva for the amount of opportunities crafted for teammates, but he is lagging some way behind.

It was abundantly clear that Ozil struggled with the new Emery regime, the new team orders and the tactics that didn’t revolve around his movement. With a player of his talent though, he should be able to adapt to whatever that is thrown at him.

It does give us hope though, that the transitional period is over for Ozil, which could herald an improvement in his figures.

That would be a huge boon for the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who would thrive from the improved supply that only Ozil is capable of providing.

We need prime Ozil, the one who won repeated German Player of the Year awards, the one that forced Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid teammates to laud him as the best playmaker in the world. The Ozil that earned the most amount of assists in a Premier League season.

There is no reason why this Ozil has gone missing. The alarming nature of his ‘illness’ related absences and his languid body language do him no favours in terms of opinion from media and fans alike, but Ozil has never been the type to grab a game by the scruff of the neck. He is the one with the knife, creeping up behind an unwitting opponent.

We desperately need that player back, with our apparent lack of means to reinvigorate a squad that fell short of expectations last season.

Ozil could lead by example, or he could continue to tread water, sitting back on a reputation that is dwindling.

Mesut, it’s high time you performed like the player we all know you are.