The German playmaker has proven yet again why Real Madrid let him go so easily; he is an intermittent player who can't be trusted for the biggest matches.

Regardless of how fans think about French manager Arsene Wenger, the crude reality of what has been happening at Arsenal for the past decade also has to do with the players not being as involved in the project as they should be. There have been many cases in the recent past in which Arsene Wenger deposits all his trust and a considerable sum of money in one player, gambling on the possibility of maybe hitting the jackpot as he did with Thierry Henry back in the day. The reality is that Henry cannot be replaced or imitated, there will only be one "Titi." But Arsene still hasn't realized that apparently.

Out of all the failed attempts to get that next rising star, the latest false step Wenger took was by signing Mesut Ozil, who can arguably be considered one of the most talented players in the world but lacks the stability required to succeed in the biggest clubs. His most famous accomplishment came under Jose Mourinho's tutelage playing for Real Madrid, but that was more a team effort in which Ozil shined as part of the group when Los Blancos won La Liga in 2012. The same scenario applies to him with Germany, a squad in which he won the World Cup with the group but didn't standout from the other players. This tells us that without other great companions, Ozil doesn't have the capacity to become the leader of any team. Having said this, then why did Wenger bet so hard on him?

Battling the 'Wenger Out' slogan

The French manager has been battling against all the unhappy Arsenal fans who are still demanding his head, the 'Wenger Out' slogan tends to become a trend right in the middle of every season when the players start dropping like flies with muscular injuries. Ozil is one of the key players who usually suffer this type of injury during a paramount part of the season, the way Wenger best battles the fans' ill wishes is by winning a minor trophy that calms everyone down and by finishing in the top four by the end of the Premier League tournament. But this past season was different, Wenger was only able to win the FA Cup, and his pupils didn't finish in the top four for the first time in 20 years. Before winning the FA Cup last season, the Wenger Out chantings were louder than ever before. But lifting a trophy once against helped Wenger save face and get another chance to win a major trophy next season.

For the summer, apart from the good performances that players such as Alexis Sanchez and Ozil himself can bring to the table, Wenger decided to bet on Lyon's star striker Alexandre Lacazette. The Gooners' boss wanted to bring Kylian Mbappé from AS Monaco, but his wildly elevated price-tag was too much for the Arsenal board to spend. In the end, Wenger had to make due with the money he was given, and sign Lacazette who is not a bad player for Arsenal. However, the question remains. Will Ozil finally get his chance to shine as he has with other clubs and with his country? It certainly looks like this season could be different for many reasons, one of the biggest ones is the talent that the German playmaker has around him. Having top players such as Alexis, Lacazette, Granit Xhaka, and Aaron Ramsey, should be more than enough motivation to deliver a riveting performance throughout the whole season.

Comparisons with last season's Chelsea

One of the biggest reasons the last two Premier League champions were able to lift the trophy by the end of the season is due to the schedule they had, without playing the Champions League things were a lot easier for Chelsea and Leicester City. This season could be similar for Arsenal, proving that most squads lack the depth to confront the overabundance of matches during a very long season in English football. Clubs today have to play up to four different competitions during the whole year; they have to play the Premier League, the Champions League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup. If you ask Wenger, the tournament overload was the biggest reason his squad finished the season with most of their key players injured.

Arsenal has a unique opportunity to give the fans the Premier League they deserve finally; they might prove that having such a full schedule can only be negative towards any club's aspirations for the season. We are not even counting the National Team activity that also takes a huge deal of energy from any player who travels to represent his country every couple of months. Maybe Ozil doesn't have that problem because his travels to Germany doesn't require many flying miles, that shouldn't be an excuse he can ponder when things don't work for him. The truth is that Wenger may have Alexis Sanchez and Lacazette on his attack, but his squad depends on what Ozil can do to compete for the bigger trophies. So far, the German playmaker hasn't responded as Wenger expected from him, the fans have trolled him as much as they troll the boss.

Delivering results for Arsenal might be the last chance that Mesut Ozil gets at the highest levels of competition, with one of the biggest clubs in modern European football. It's about time he proves why pundits and managers alike were convinced he had the talent to win the Ballon d'Or sometime in his career, he's already won the World Cup but winning a major trophy in England would grant him the credibility he's list throughout the years. Also, playing well for Arsenal in crucial matches will also get the trolls of his back because they have been quite nasty in the past weekend. They all talk about Ozil going MIA during the match against Stoke City, a feeling that is too familiar for the German playmaker.