Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac both missed our season opener against Newcastle, due to safety concerns surrounding the pair.

This roots back to the attempted attack on the pair when Kolasinac stymied the attack with outstanding bravery. The culprits are reportedly part of a London gang who are intent on taking as much as they can from our players – but what happens next?

According to reports, an Eastern European gang is now involved in combating the cabal involved in fleecing the footballers, which makes this situation messy and potentially even more hazardous to both.

Ozil and Kolasinac have their wives to consider and their potential offspring. Is London now the safe haven that it appeared to be? Does this call for a move from the capital, or from the UK?

Could we lose both players, given that they were instructed to miss a fixture because of threats to their lives?

We certainly couldn’t blame either if they instructed their respective agents to find a club elsewhere, somewhere that they could put down roots and plan for the future? Somewhere that allows them to live their lives without restriction or the constant worry of further attacks or recriminations?

It is quite a ridiculous premise, that these multi-millionaires cannot be safe, even with the resources at their disposal. Security teams and measures are no doubt in place, but for police to advise that they miss a game due to potential danger?

It means that this situation has already reached a stage where intervention is necessary. We as a club cannot have our men worrying about their lives in order to fulfil their career.

But what can be done if both Ozil and Kolasinac seek pastures new?

They may be happy at Arsenal, but with the rest of Europe having their transfer window still open, a potential exit for safer destinations is always a possibility.

Let’s hope justice plays its part and they both can concentrate on football and nothing else in the near future – and wearing our shirt.