Unai Emery has all the tools necessary at his disposal.

Perhaps our defence could be strengthened, but the fact remains that this current squad is probably the strongest we have had in the last fifteen years.

Able back-ups in every position, each spot hotly contested, strong youth prospects pushing the more established players every week. Yep, this group of players is equipped to bring back at least a modicum of the glory we enjoyed in our golden years under Arsene Wenger.

It is our attack though, that is especially well stocked. Even at the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool, Paris Saint Germain and other European heavyweights, they do not have as many bona fide world class stars as we do.

At City, they have the Silva’s, Aguero, perhaps Gabriel Jesus who can play in the front three. At Liverpool, Mane, Salah and Firmino provide the ammo but take one out and they are severely hampered.

We have Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mesut Ozil all vying to fit into whatever formation Unai Emery concocts. Can they all fit into the same team? Certainly. Will they be played simultaneously? Probably not.

Pepe and Auba can provide the width in an attacking quartet, when we opt for a 4-2-3-1. In the hole naturally is Mesut Ozil and our conventional number 9 will be Alexandre Lacazette.

It is up to Emery to fit these players in. It would be a massive crime should those players not be able to fit into the same eleven, to combine with each other. That level of class is a conduit for the same level of talent, and when mixed together, could create something truly special.

Of course, if it is a tight away game, much like our loss to Liverpool, then caution must be shown and we can rely on the pace of Auba or Pepe, accentuated by the hold up play and striking smarts of Lacazette.

Or maybe we go with Ozil loading the bullets to a duo of Auba and Laca or Pepe and Laca – of which Pepe has mentioned that their partnership is flowering rather well – or we could leave Ozil out entirely and go with Laca in front of the pace of Pepe and Auba?

The possibilities are endless, and it gives Emery an option for every conceivable type of game.

The onus is now on the Spaniard to make it work.