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North London Blues Thanks to Man In Black

As Arsenal fans, we are more than used to receiving the sharper end of the stick when it comes to the media.Our trophy drought between 2005-2014 was lapped up by all and sundry, despite the fact that clubs reported to be our equal or even greater, were finishing below us and also suffering a similar or longer drought.So the latest Match of the Day coverage, which concerned our draw versus tottenham, was nothing new when it came to bias.The hours following the game have been looking at all angles of the referee, Anthony Taylor, and his quizzical decisions and lack of action regarding some truly vicious acts from tottenham players.In particular, two flashpoints should have dominated the retrospective viewing - the stamp on Bernd Leno and the kicking of Laurent Koscielny.Instead, Match of the Day chose to ignore these actions. Completely. They weren’t even mentioned.There should be retrospective action taken to punish the above lashings out, but it seems as though they have been overlooked not only by MOTD, but also by PGMOL - the official body of referees.Mauricio Pochettino came out after the game and proclaimed that his side were the better of the two in the game, and Alan Shearer declared that his side were lucky to get a point - so at least we know there is some sense in the punditry and they do watch the game.We created the better chances, and the superior amount. If not for a last minute penalty miss, we would have taken the points.That brings us to the other major talking point - Aubameyang’s miss.The spot kick may have been tame, but the fact is that there was severe encroachment when the kick was taken, which should have resulted in a retake. One of the players who was guilty of this, Vertonghen, was the one to clear the danger, thus robbing us of any chance of getting the rebound. tottenham fans responded by showing us our players encroaching on Kane’s penalty, but seeing as he scored, then no retake will be needed. Those are the rules.So much has been made of the way tottenham’s penalty was earned - does Mustafi’s barge take precedence over the fact Kane was offside? What is the correct definition? Can Kane be fouled if he is offside?Whether or not it was a penalty is highly debatable, but what should give us comfort is very clear.Our North London rivals needed all of the contentious decisions listed above, just to scrape a point at home. They were severely lucky and if it weren’t for some shocking officiating, we would have been breathing down their necks.We deserved the win, but we at least showed everyone who watched the game from an unbiased point of view, that they really are not title challengers.VAR is in full effect next season, so hopefully this type of match will soon be a thing of the past.