The recent rumours surrounding Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Partey and a potential move to Arsenal have intensified – and a quote from his father has added credence to the claims.

The Ghanaian has been at loggerheads with the La Liga club regarding a contract extension. Atleti are keen to tie down the defensive titan to a long term deal, with Partey becoming a key component in Diego Simeone’s side. Partey and his representatives have so far been unable to reach a satisfactory end to discussions – which have been taking place for months.

A lot of rumours began when negotiations began to take too long, supposedly one of the reasons Partey would not accept any offers is because of his desire to play in the Premier League.

Well, we now have a little bit of fire behind the smoke, with Thomas’ father, Jacob, who was interviewed and claimed that not only is Thomas keen on leaving – but talks with Arsenal are ‘ongoing.’

Jacob Partey said “I called my son after hearing the rumours and he told me that the rumours are true. He told me that they are holding talks between him and Arsenal. It all depends on the offer Atletico are demanding. If he goes to Arsenal, fine – they have a lot of supporters in Ghana. I will be happy if he decides to move to Arsenal. What they are discussing now is how Atletico will release him.”

So there is truth to the news that Thomas Partey is interested in an Arsenal move – but the bottom line is that it all hinges on money.

There are other variables of course – see this excellently detailed article for all the information that surrounds a potential move – but with Arsenal and all other clubs counting their pennies – potential sales will affect the possibility of this being pulled off. With a valuation in the region of £40-50m – it seems that ‘No Money = No Partey.’