Arsène Wenger is set to release his first autobiography in Autumn 2020 according to The Bookseller. A deal has been signed with the publisher Weidenfeld and Nicholson for the book in which Wenger will describe and narrate his rise to become one of the most influential managers of all time.

My Life in Red and White should be released simultaneously in the UK and France and will join the long list of autobiographies written by football managers over the past few years - including the likes of Brian Clough's Nobody Ever Says Thank You from 2011, Ferguson's Leading in 2015 and Souness's Football: My Life, My Passion in 2017. Wenger, contrary to a particular Portuguese peer, has never spoken much on himself or his personal thoughts on his achievements, despite the Invincibles achievement and the record of the most FA Cups won by a single manager. Arsenal fans are therefore very eager to see his analysis on more than two decades spent managing the team. 

The read is deemed to be fascinating as it will shed a lot of light on the more tumultuous and intriguing parts of the Wenger era - the aftermath of the construction of the Emirates Stadium. There has been a lot of analysis and speculation on what went on behind-the-scenes concerning the financial aspect of the matter but more often than not, no confirmations were being made by the Arsenal board. It is widely accepted that Wenger did an amazing job at keeping the Gunners in the top 4 during the post-Emirates era from 2006 up to 2016 now that we (kind of) know how bad Arsenal's debt was. Still, it will be interesting to see what were his thoughts when transitioning from the Henry-Bergkamp era to the Baby Gunners with Adebayor, Fabregas, Diaby and still nearly winning the league in 2007-08 with the latter.

However, we should not limit his fanbase to Arsenal fans as Wenger is well established today as one of the managers who revolutionised English football as a whole. Alan Samson, Weidenfeld and Nicholson chairman, said: "Arsene Wenger is the man who changed the entire face of football in this country. [...] He altered the habits of players yet far more significantly he opened our eyes and broadened our minds". Indeed, the famous implementation of a strict diet by "the Professor" as well as the ban of alcohol before matchdays have both affected the entire league.  

We all definitely look forward to Autumn 2020.