In light of the frenchman collecting the award for September Player of the Month, Matteo has become a fan favourite amongst the club already despite only signing over a year ago. Ever since the youngster joined the club he has impressed, I remember watching games in the 18/19 preseason and realising just how good this relatively unknown player really was.

His seemingly relentless attitude and bravery compliments his amazing technical ability, and this has not gone unnoticed, with the player becoming a key figure already in the 19/20 season. Just two seasons ago, Matteo was playing in the french second tier for FC Lorient, where he surprisingly only played in 18 league games. Despite not getting loads of game time, he still managed to catch the eye of multiple european clubs, but in the end he chose Arsenal. I'm sure that those at Arsenal knew of his quality, but I doubt anyone would have predicted his rapid rise through the club's hierarchy. For such a young age, he has adapted to life in the premier league seamlessly, and this was proven by his stellar performances throughout the year.

Guendouzi is a player who seems to never stops running, and is one of the reasons why Gooners love him so much, he cares for the club and plays his heart out. This was particularly evident during the North London derby last season at the Emirates. There was multiple arguments between the two teams, and right at the heart of them was the 19 year old Guendouzi, something that Arsenal fans loved. For someone so young and new to the club to show so much passion, it proved to supporters that this boy cared for the club and he has already been branded as a potential future captain. 

Despite all these positives, there have been signs of naivety along the way. One major example happened not so long ago, against Watford. Whilst being subbed off, Matteo signalled to the jeering Watford fans that they were still losing despite their jeers towards him. However, this ended up backfiring, with Watford going on to equalise later on in the game, making Matteo look a fool and this became a meme online a the following days. This was a clear sign of the 20 year olds age and proves he has some learning to do still. Everyone is human and without making mistakes you cannot progress, so in the long run this incident from Matteo is likely too be a positive as I doubt he'll do something like that again.

Matteo had a very good season last year taking into account that it was his first season at this level, where he was involved in 33 Premier League games. However, this season he has seemed to be more settled and is performing at an even higher level than last year. This has been highlighted by the fact that Emery has started the player in every single game so far this season, rewarding his excellent performances. Adding to this, another manager has recently recognised his performances in the form of Didier Deschamps, where Matteo was called up to the French national team following Paul Pogba having to withdraw through injury. This was something that came as a surprise to the frenchman and he described it as a 'dream of his' from childhood, and hopefully he can continue working to become a regular starter in the french national team setup.

In terms of recognition from outside the club and France, many pundits and former players have been hailing the young man for his recent performances. Ranging from people such as Sam Allardyce to Cesc Fabregas. Guendouzi has very quickly become one of the hottest young prospects in the world and it is vital that the club does not let him go and that we tie him down for as long as we can as it won't be long until European giants come knocking.