How much stock should we take in social media actions from players?

For some, it is their window to the outside world, and for the big name players, it is their representation, how they are portrayed to their fans and the media – so it is terribly important what they do on each avenue, be it Instagram, Twitter or any other.

So when Arsenal target Gabriel Martinelli decided to follow Arsenal on Instagram, how serious does it make the rumour?

The young striker is just 17, and plies his trade for Ituano. He started off his career at famous Brazilian club Corinthians, and according to reports, he is set to sign for Arsenal.

It will apparently be finalised when he is eighteen, which is on the 18th March. Does he fit the bill? What is the lowdown on this reported Arsenal target?

According to Wikipedia, Martinelli had trials at Manchester United and Barcelona before moving to Ituano, so he has been on the European radar for some time. He is also the youngest player to make a debut for Ituano for more than a century after coming on as a late substitute as a 16 year old.

He only scored his first senior goal last year, but it has been enough for Arsenal’s scouts to sit up and take notice. Unai Emery isn’t the only one who is impressed either, as Martinelli has been called up by the Brazilian international team for the 2019 Copa America.

How much does it mean that he has followed Arsenal? For a Brazilian international, playing in Brazil, to choose to follow a specific Premier League team, could either be a ploy by his agent to alert possible interested parties, or it could be that the story is true and Martinelli is indeed interested in the Gunners.

It certainly adds a slice of truth to a potential rumour, and Martinelli could be the child prodigy that we have been yearning for.

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