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Manuela Zinsberger - Big Gloves to Fill

Have you ever joined a new company and the stories about your predecessor have followed you around for far too long?“Oh, THEY used to do that far quicker you know.”“It’s just that THEY used to do it this way.”“You weren’t here, but when THEY were here, this used to happen.”That sort of thing.Well, our current goalkeeper Manuella Zinsberger would have had some big goalkeeper gloves to fill.The Austrian number one joined Arsenal in 2019 after spending five years at Bayern Munich. She joined the season after Arsenal had reclaimed the WSL title for the first time in seven years. She also joined to replace a certain Sari Van Veenendaal.Van Veenendaal in 2019, after leaving Arsenal, then went on to perform wonders in the Netherlands goal in the 2019 Womens World Cup, going on to be voted into the Team of the Cup and guiding her side all the way to the Final.Those are quite some gloves to fill, but Zinsberger has shown in her short time in the Arsenal goal that her fierce will to win and her capabilities are more than enough to see us win the title again.The Austrian is already synonymous for her scary competitive nature on the pitch – often screaming with fists clenched once victory has been achieved. Zinsberger has also reassured fans who have seen her in action – there is definitely hope after Van Veenendaal.Zinsberger has been Austria’s number one for seven years – since she was just seventeen. Also, five years as the chosen keeper for German giants Bayern Munich tells us all that Arsenal boss Joe Montemurro has chosen a real winner in Zinsberger.Half of her appearances in the recently expired short season ended as clean sheets and her stopping ratio of 0.7 (rounded up) really bode well for our next campaign.The biggest compliment to Manuela Zinsberger is that we have forgotten how good Van Veenendaal was. Zinsberger can deliver exactly what we need for the future.