Man City Season Averages at Home

3.3 - Goals per game*

2.8 - xG per game*

.85 - Goals against per game

.82 - xG against per game

20.8 - Shots per game*

7.9 - Shots on goal*

5.9 - Shots allowed per game

1.5 - Shots blocked (fewest in the League)

11.4 - Accurate dribbles per game*

65.2% - Possession

731 - Passes attempted per game*

89.8% - Pass completion*

656.4 - Passes completed per game*

58.5 - Inaccurate short passes per game (5th fewest in the League)

16.1 - Inaccurate long passes per game (fewest in the League)

22.3 - Crosses per game

5.3 - Accurate crosses per game

16.4 - Key passes per game*

2.8 - Key passes off crosses per game

13.5 - Bad touches (4th fewest in the League)

8.5 - Dispossessed (5th fewest in the League)

12.9 - Tackles

8.9 - Interceptions

8.8 - Fouls

14.3 - Clearances (2nd lowest behind Liverpool)

Man City v. Arsenal

3 - Goals scored

2.91 - xG for

1 - Goals conceded

0.7 - xG against

19 - Shots

12 - Shots on goal**

4 - Shots allowed**

2 - Shots blocked

18 - Successful dribbles**

58.4% - Possession

613 - Passes attempted

87.6 - Pass completion %

537 - Passes completed

66 - Inaccurate short passes

10 - Inaccurate long passes

19 - Crosses attempted

2 - Accurate crosses

13 - Key passes

8 - Key passes in the Arsenal box

6 - Key passes in the Arsenal box originating from the Lichtsteiner side

3 - Assists off those 6 key passes

0 - Key passes off crosses (this probebaly doesn't make sense with the image above but not a "cross" isn't just a square pass and I believe it has to originate outside the 18 yard box)

10 - Bad touches**

4 - Dispossessed**

13 - Tackles

11 - Interceptions

11 - Fouls

15 - Clearances

Conclusion: Arsenal offered very little resistance to a Manchester City side who have the League’s best home record. City didn’t pass the ball as gracefully as they would have liked (below average) but were able to dribble almost at will against the Arsenal back line and midfield. Especially damning were Sterling’s 5/5 dribbles, de Bruyne’s 4 of 5 and Silva’s 3 for 5. Their successful dribble pattern looked like this:

On the right, it was Iwobi who was particularly poor, losing all 4 of his attempted tackles in front of the ageing Lich. Lich was ok, winning 2 of 4, but he was directly at fault for the 2nd goal when he literally ran away from Sterling in the 1-2 pass set up. In midfield, where de Bruyne just ran around Arsenal, Torreira had his worst game in an Arsenal shirt winning just 1 of 6 attempted tackles. Guendouzi may have tied him in ball recovery stats (both had 9) but has gone soft on tackles lately, and yesterday won just 1 of 2 attempts.

All combined Arsenal didn't offer enough resistance to City's passing, didn't press, didn't win enough duels, and the experienced players like Lichtsteiner really let the team down. The result was Arsenal taking just 4 shots, City getting 19 shots, and City allowed to take 12 shots on target. As low as I set my #expectations before the game, I didn't expect this poor of a performance.

Pep’s Emery’s Bogeyman

Emery has still never beaten Pep Guardiola. Guardiola is a master tactician and always has the best teams but Emery’s one of just two managers who have played at least 8 matches against Pep and never won. Klopp has one of the only positive records against Pep, he’s won 8/16 matches and has a +2 Goal Difference against Guardiola. Emery joins Joaquin Caparros as the only managers to face Pep at least 8 times and not get a win. Even Pochettino has two wins against Guardiola, both with small clubs, Espanyol and Tottenham. Emery is now 0-4-8 against Pep, conceding 27 and scoring 8 (-19 goal diff).

Emery has also never beaten Simeone in 12 attempts (0.42 ppg) or Jose Mourinho in 6 attempts (0.33 ppg).


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