After just two games, David Luiz is a liability.

This is according to many media reports, after the Brazilian made errors in our 3-1 defeat to top of the table Liverpool last weekend.

Luiz was at fault for the two second half goals that earned the Reds their home win, and it wasn’t long before stories and articles surrounding Luiz and the weaknesses he will bring rose to the surface.

This was in the aftermath of supposed title-challenging Tottenham losing yet another game, not having won an away game since January and the loss making it just four wins from 15.

This smacks of lazy journalism. Luiz was undeniably at fault for two of the goals that we shipped. His tug at the shirt in the penalty box was a complete gimme for Liverpool when they were struggling to break down what was a rarely resolute Arsenal defence. It was Luiz letting the side down, and it was something he later acknowledged in a social media post.

Was it a signal that Luiz will suddenly become an inherent weakness, a chink in our armour though?

Not at all. Luiz is being selected by Unai Emery on merit, and ahead of Calum Chambers. He has enough in his locker to be an asset for us and it was just his second game.

You see, apparently new signings are now required to be instant successes with no sign of adaptation whatsoever. There will be a period where Luiz sets himself against the new demands and new tactics placed on him.

The fact an article has been written that surmises how Luiz will cost Arsenal this season – all on the impact of just one game? His display against Burnley was dependable and exactly what we needed against a physical side – but it was the mistakes against Liverpool that matter most of course.

When there is a far more worthy story worth writing about that is being ignored – Tottenham not having won away for more than half a year is falling short of their supposed title-chaser status – is beyond lazy journalism. It is worthy of gross misconduct.

Luiz may well make a few more mistakes, but so will Xhaka, so will our kids, so will every player in our squad. Luiz will add far more than he takes away and if he doesn’t?

That’s exactly the point – we have no idea what impact Luiz will have.

We can merely look at the player and gauge based on his recent performances and his strengths and based on that, he is an improvement.

Let’s make sure we give him the support he deserves as an Arsenal player.