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Lichtsteiner Signs For Arsenal

Arsenal have made their first signing of the summer - and Unai Emery’s reign as boss - with the free transfer of Stefan Lichtsteiner.The 34yr old right back made over 250 appearances in seven seasons at Juventus, and won the Scudetto seven consecutive times.The Swiss defender was a mainstay of the Juve side that dominated Italian football during this time, and was famed not only for his metronome-esque darts down the right, but for his fierce winning mentality and incredible stamina.Lichtsteiner will captain his country during World Cup 2018, and on his return from Russia, he will be seen as the man to push current Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin onto new heights. The Spaniard has not had much competition for his starting spot, but Lichtsteiner’s arrival and vast experience will really shove Bellerin onto new heights. If it doesn’t, then our new defender is ready to grab his shirt.Lichtsteiner will wear the Number 12 shirt, and his defending nous is very much needed for our naive defence. Our new man started off in Switzerland, but has had three years in Ligue Un and also three seasons with Lazio, before his seven years in Turin with Juventus. A whole decade in the iron-clad Serie A will teach a defender much of what he needs to know - and now that experience is in Arsenal colours.The former Juve man spoke of the passion for Arsenal’s project and how when he joined Juve, they were in a similar position to the Turin club. Let’s hope Lichtsteiner’s experience will pay off in the same way.Lichtsteiner is also known for his aggressive style, especially in the tackle. Our new boy is famed for his attacking exploits and his ability to hold the line well, but much like Mustafi, a rash decision needs to be thought out methodically before acting out on impulse.If this was Wenger’s first signing of the season, it would be slandered from most corners. As it is Emery’s first signing, and we know he is looking for a more street-tough team that can adapt to any challenge other than passing our way out of trouble, then Lichtsteiner’s arrival is a welcome one.Bags of experience, great play out wide and a sage-like presence at the back. All for free. It’s a great start. Welcome Stefan Lichtsteiner!