It was a simple case of maths.

We didn’t have enough in our squad, so Unai Emery bolstered our numbers.

This wasn’t merely adding volume for volume sakes, but packing our numbers with more quality than before.

Our new players were needed, and the ones that have departed have cut the fat from our wage bill in order to make room for the new boys.

With a squad built to compete over an exhausting season on three to four fronts, we have back-ups in areas we never had before.

The sole problem with adding to your ranks though, is that if you purchase wisely, the players intended to either pressure the existing incumbent out of their reverie or act as a safety net in the face of injury could end up being disgruntled or actually upsetting the equilibrium.

With Bernd Leno, the German needs to wait for his chance - was he told this when he joined?

The German international is the sole heir to Petr Cech’s gloves. After last season saw Cech lose some of his sheen thanks to his weaknesses with his near post and some downright average keeping at times, we all revelled in Leno’s signing.

We had the keeper that could take the mantle and shore us up.

We didn’t reckon on Cech stepping up - and probably neither did Leno.

The becapped stopper was firstly given the honour of being one of Unai Emery’s five team captains. That was the first clue that Cech wasn’t willing to give up his role just yet.

Then came the start of the season, and Cech took the gloves - and hasn’t dropped them yet. Instead, he has performed how we all know he can, and it is this rise to former glories that indicates Cech had let his notoriously high levels drop.

Now, Leno sits on the bench, patiently waiting for his opportunity. This will definitely come, but the German must be patient and wait for his chance. He has time on his side and he could form a legacy if he stays long enough and reproduces what he has done in the Bundesliga.

Right now though, Cech is our number one, and loving every minute of the gloves and armband combo.